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Monday, January 28, 2008

Wait Here

Today I spent 3 hours waiting for some guys to show up and install a new furnace and air conditioner in my house. (they did a good job-when they finally showed up)

Then at work I waited 3 hours in surgery, while the Ortho Dr. hammered pins into a 86y/o lady's hip. (Picture,picture,picture on,pic,fluoro live,off,picture,go to lateral,back to AP,picture,pic,picture,lateral,back to AP)-if you've been in surgery with a c-arm you know what that all means.

When I got done in surg. there were a ton of ER pts to catch up on. (all waiting for me) It's tough being a one woman x-ray show!

I read 3 good books this week-end, but I'm too tired....now I'm going home to see if the cooling and heating guys robbed my house.


X-Ray Geek said...

Did you get to stare at the Frito toe nails for 3 hours too??? I always loved the toe nails and having to look at the old people crotch with a bar. I feel bad for the old guys who had their manhood squashed in half...Hope the furnace guys didn't clean you out either!!

Katalia said...

Ewww I know, toe nails are so gross and what about cross table lat. hips on old people without pants! Yuck!