Who links to me? X-ray Rocks: May 2009

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dark Angle

I'm a little burnt out, so I took a vacation from blogging. Why am I burnt out you ask? After only one year at this new job?
Well, I guess it's hard to be stretched in so many different directions. Starting Jan. 1 we saw a 50% increase in patient volume. The ER added more Dr.s and nurses. Did Radiology staff more people? No. They decreased the staff on each shift. Why?

Oh, that's easy - the hospital sold the radiology dept. to a private company.

We are no longer hospital employees, although we work in the hospital.

Strange? Yeah.

But now FINALLY!!! they've realized that we NEED more staff, so now I can breath and relax a tiny bit. Instead of one person doing 25 patients (unconscious, MVA, combative, drunk, bleeding), now 2 people share the load. And all the fun phone calls, order entering, processing and generally fire putting out of running a department.


Another reason I'm burnt out - I've x-rayed every single dead morgue patient we've had in 2009.
What are the odds of that happening? We get a lot of deaths and I work .8, so I'm not there all the time.

But I've had every single suicide, MVA and still born.

Part of me likes it and the other part is disgusted that I admitted that.

It's awful to see a man's body ripped open like a too full garbage bag, but unique because I'm the last person to x-ray them, too see into and through them.

When I was a kid, and I crossed a street, I would always stop in the middle of the road and touch the center line, because I thought no one else had ever touched that exact spot and so it was unique and special.

X-raying dead people is some what the same, in a way, unique.