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Friday, January 25, 2008

Say Quiet

Med-eo's (see glossary) are a lot like actors. They are very superstitious.

Just for fun walk into an ER and say the word 'quiet'.

I dare you.

It's like walking into a theater and saying 'MacBeth'. The word doesn't kill you, but the people that hear you say it sure will.

We have a woman, Ruby, that works nights at the front desk.

Let's just say, not all her bulbs are lit. Every single week-end that Dr. Cutie (he's cute) works she says to him, "Well, I hope that you have a quiet night." And every single time he cringes and tells her 'Not to say that word!!' And then he gets avalanched on. A full ER -all night.

I feel really sorry for him, because #1 he's so hot. #2 I usually have to do some work too.

I start a 24 hour shift tomorrow. Yeah........

Today my EE, Lavender, layed her first green egg and my Sebright, Pippa, also layed her first egg.
From Lt: Pippa's egg, Lavender's egg, Med. store bought egg, Zela's Jumbo egg.

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