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Friday, January 18, 2008

Painful Pictures

This is some of my work.

This is a hand x-ray of a football injury. Owwww! Right?

This is easy to fix - just pop the finger back into place. Well, not easy for the person attached to the finger, but....

This is a little hard to fix. Super painful! An example of - Why you shouldn't play with fan belts.

They amputated the end of this pt's finger. Yuck.

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True Lateral said...

These pics have just reminded me of the kid I x-rayed, he was on work placement and fixing a conveyer belt in a factory when some eedjit came and turned the conveyor back on. The kid's thumb was hanging by a strip of skin; we had to refer him to plastics to try to reattach it. But, in the age of not being allowed Christmas decorations in the office due to "Health and Safety", how come it is even possibly to turn on a conveyor while someone is fixing it? There's a fundamental design flaw there somewhere.

I don't know if the kid kept his thumb, sometimes the job is really dissatisfying like that.