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Friday, January 11, 2008

Surgery Sucks

I am soooo tired. I had to work a morning shift today. Last night I got off work at 11pm, drove home 30 mins., and then got up again at 5am and to drive back to work.
Started the day off with a mammogram. Did an awsome job - as always - nobody gets more breast tissue on a film than me! I get chest wall everytime, on every film.
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At 9am I went up to surgery. The first case was a foreign body removal and the second one was a gallbadder. Easy-peasy, 2 hours tops, Right? Wrong! I was in surg. for four hours!!
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Four hours
wearing about 20 lbs. of protective lead. apron, thyroid shield, ect. Plus the ever stylish blue hair net and yellow face mask.

The for. body was a kid that was burning garbage, someting exploded and hit him in the cheek. Dr. T. dug around and around in the boy's cheek for like hours. Seriously, if anything happens to my face I'm going to a cosmetic surgeon. No scars for me! Thanks very much.

They usually use a magnet to suck for. bodies out of incision sites. The magnet looks like metal toilet paper holder with a metal tip on either end. They stick the metal tip end into the flesh, squish it around a little bit and sometimes that's all it takes. The for. body sticks to the magnet and sclushp it's out.

But not today. It wasn't ferrous. So it wouldn't stick to the magnet. And it was stuck it a chunk of tissue, so Dr. T just had to dig it out manually.
My job in Surg. is pretty boring. I stand there and push the C-Arm in and out of the surgical site. When the Dr. says x-ray, I press a button and take an x-ray.

The gallbladder took forever, because the Dr., thinking it was an artery, clamped a duct off and then tried to inject contrast. "Hmmm, the contrast isn't going anywhere?" "Maybe it's the big stain-less steel clip you just clamped there."

Most of the time I really like Dr. T.
He's quiet and he doesn't swear at me.
A+ Dr.!!

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