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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Radish Love

Spicy hot.
Smells like Spring.
Bite of fire.
Dash of salt.
I love a good crunchy radish! Radishes in the grocery store are the true first signs of spring. I just ate a huge bunch. Too bad they're not company food. I eat them late at night, so by the time I see people, my breath doesn't stink anymore (I hope). Really, though I would give up people before I'd give up radishes.


James White/James Black said...

Just thought I would drop by to say thanks for the advice that you have given me in your comment. It is much appreciated. You'll be glad to know I didn't touch any space raiders today! lol
Keep in touch,


X-Ray Geek said...

Radishes??? Where????

I could use a good sign of spring!

I'd eat them right in the department. During the summer we used to cut up a kolorabi, sprinkle it with salt, and dig in. Now that smelled like rotten feet!