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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Secret Shopper

I played at being the CIA yesterday.
Well, I did a secret shopper shop at Kmart and it makes me feel like an undercover agent.
The pay is fairly good for the 20 mins. it takes to scope out the store. Then I have to fill out some paperwork (paperless paperwork?) on-line. I also have to purchase one item (under $1) and the store reimburses me. Have you ever tried to find something in a store that costs LESS than one dollar?
It's almost impossible! With tax everything is just slightly above a dollar. So, I end up eating the tax. Oh, well. I usually buy a York Peppermint Patty (69 cents + tax =76 cents) or a box of Jr. Mints (1.00 +tax = $1.07). Yum!
I would like to always buy the cheaper (and just as tasty) Patty all the time, but they might catch on and it would bust my cover as a 'casual' shopper.
Collecting the employees names is the hardest part of the shop.
Have you ever tried to get an employee in a retail store to answer your questions, look you in the eye and stop flirting with their fellow employees?
And I have to do it SIX times!
It's almost like going hunting. They run down one aisle, double back behind sporting goods and I corner them in detergents.
Aha! Got 'ya! Now two seconds to casually get a look at your name badge.
Shoot! They ran away! Now I have to track them down again. And remember to act like a 'regular' customer.

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