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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nestbox Shuffle

This is Honey in the nestbox.
Today was a busy egg laying day!
All three of the big girls, Honey, Butter, and Zela layed today.
It took them all day and they complained (very loudly) about it all day. Well, Zela doesn't complain. She is the only regular daily layer, so she just popped her's out and hopped out of the nestbox without a cluck.
Butter and Honey, however complained all day. One would hop in the nestbox and then the other one would hop in, next to the first girl. Then one would hop out and complain (loudly) about the other girl in the nest box AND THEN THEY WOULD DO IT 50 MILLION MORE TIMES!!!
I was sure my neighbors were going to finally complain.

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