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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lazy Today

I have a headache today and I'm feeling lazy, so this will be a little picture blog. Not so many words.

That's me in my Scottish outfit this summer.
The skirt weighs a ton, but isn't very hot. Built in air conditioning....
yeah but don't sit down on a patch of pine needles like I did!
Strange rash from that.

Going to the bathroom in a port-a-potty was also an interesting experience.
First of all, the skirt does NOT fit into the port-a-potty. So I had to pick up everything and peacock my way backwards into the toilet. Then, find a spare finger to shut the door.
Toilet paper? Forget about it! The skirts around my head and I'm trying not to pee on my ghillies (scottish soft shoes).

Ok Next Pic -

This is a pic with Zela, one of my chickens. I have 5 that a raised from day old chicks. They are the most amazing pets!

They love to cuddle and be held, they follow me around and even 'talk' to me.
And bonus! -they lay eggs!

I got 3 today. 1 small and 2 Med. They just started laying Dec. 31st.

The eggs taste soooo good. Not like store bought eggs at all. The white is fluffy and the yolk stays moist. Yum! Yum! All from my little pets.

This is a JUMBO size egg I got a couple days ago from one of the girls. It's huge!

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