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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Baby Steps

"A radiologic technologist (also called a radiographer ) is a person who uses ionizing radiation to create medical images of the body to help diagnose and treat illness and injury. "

I started working with radiation at the innocent age of 16. For someone with MD aspirations it was a great job. I developed films, positioned patients, did paper work, ect. Everything but actually take an x-ray. My job title was Radiology Aide and I earned 7.11 an hour! Wow. For a first job it was pretty sweet.
I'd started school at the local state university 6 months earlier, majoring in Pre-Med. However, after a couple months of working in a hospital with 100% real doctors, I changed my major. Doctors work long hours and they don't get any respect! They go to school for years and years and when they finally graduate they give up their lives (and sleep) to serve unappreciative patients (pts).
No way was I stupid enough to do that!
And nursing?
No. Much, much worse. Two words for you - Bed Pan.
I liked radiology. Clean (most of the time), artistic and low patient (pt) contact time.
'Hello pt. Doing your x-ray. Good-bye Pt! What? Your diaper is full? Oooo too bad. I'll find you a nurse.'
It's good to be x-ra(y)ted!

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