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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Groin Shot

An ETOH man came into the ER last fall, during hunting season. He was obviously drunk-slurred speech, stumbling, passing out every few minutes, smelled like a bar floor. He was triaged into a low priority trauma bay.
His friend (also drunk) had driven him to the ER, because the pt had some pain when he tried to go pee. The Dr. looked at him 'down there' and he had a few red bumps on his thighs with visible BB's underneath the skin. She decided to order an abd CT, before she started poking around and pulling out BB's.
I did the CT.
The ER was busy and it was a Sat., so I was all by myself.
This guy was really drunk and really, really heavy. I had to move him from the cart to the CT table (and back again) by myself. It wasn't a problem, while he was passed out (thank you inventor of slider boards!!), but about every 5 min. he would wake-up and try to punch me and drunk-cuss me out.
Did the CT and !!OH MY WORD!! He had BB's throughout his groin and into his abd. It looked like he'd shot himself on purpose in the crotch!!
I can not imagine how this happened - Did he do it to himself? Did his 'friend' do it? Did the gun go off accidently?
We'll never know, because they were drunk.
One BB was in close proximity to his abd aorta (and in many,many other places), so they air-lifted him to a bigger hospital for surg.
But - can you imagine how painful it would be for him to pee? With a groin full of buckshot?

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