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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Work Here

Need a job?
Work with me!
We have openings for : RN-med/surg,
RN- med/surg,
a pharmacy manager
and ortho surgeon!
We really, really need a pharmacy manager ASAP. They're offering $63 an hour. (Is that a good wage for pharmacy managers? IDK) And you would only have to work every 4th week-end!
If you are an ortho surgeon- consider working here because:
Low crime rate (good place to raise your kids or retire)
Newly remodeled OR (move in date Jan.'09)
Admin. will buy any equipment you want
(or use the $600,000 of equipment the last guy
left behind after working for 5 months - he moved to
CA-not our fault)
Fresh Air
Wide open empty spaces
New Wal-mart
(where old people trip every Sun. and break their hips)
Local skiing (see above)
Many drunk drivers(broken arms/legs ect.)
Metal foundry (back pain/crushed limbs)
9 months of ice and snow(multi fx)
Come work with the best!

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