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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow Melt

I'm so sick of snow and winter.
I just spent >$400 on seeds and plants. Is that excessive? One order from one catalog out of six I plan on ordering from? I need help!
I'll just keep telling myself it's OK. After all, it's my only real hobby. People spend money on hobbies. Deep breaths. It's OK.
Anyway, today we had a ETOH guy in his 40's come in to the ER for jaundice. The ER Dr ordered a chest x-ray. For jaundice? OK whatever.
When I bring the wheelchair into the room and tell the pt I'm taking him for his chest x-ray, he says, "Just an x-ray? I'm supposed to have something else. Like a cat scan (sigh, no cats are involved people! Too bad-it would make my job a lot more fun.) or something like that."
OK I'll go check with the Dr. I talk to the nurse. We roll our eyes. She tells him, 'No the Dr just ordered an x-ray."
I'm wheeling him to my dept. and he's totally obsessed with CTs. Every room we pass, "Is that where you do cat scans?" No. "Is this the cat scan room?" No.
Later on in the ER, I hear him talking to the Dr., "I think I really need a cat scan."
The Dr. (who is famous for ordering every scan in the protocol book) miraculously says, "Well, I want to get your labs figured out first and then we'll worry about that."
They admited him to the ICU for ETOH detox (?) and ordered an abd/pelvis CT for tomorrow.
So he'll get his 'cat scan' after all.

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