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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sat. Here

I'm working another Sat. 24 hour shift. Yuck.

The pts. are just starting to come in- ambulance in ER, clinic pts. trickling in, so I should have a few good stories by tomorrow.

Almost 3 hours down-21 more to go.

Update 11:00AM Sat.: OK in the last 60 min. I x-rayed:

  • 2 MVA pts - hip,pelvis,l-spine. Both on back boards(No fx)
  • Clinic pt. - 9 y/o wrist (No fx)
  • ER pt - 88 y/o fell, goose egg hematoma - CT head neg. (she has dementia-screaming, crying, trying to run away/not the easiest pt to CT)

I want to say thank you to the inventor of the slider board. Three of these 4 pts could not move themselves. Could the ER nurse help me? No. Could anybody help me? No

It's so unfair. I'm like 130 lbs. vs. pts that weigh 300+. It's only possible with the slider. Thank you Mr. Slider (my new best friend).

Update 8:45PM: Highlights from the night- an ER Dr that orders everything she can think of.

An otherwise healthy 55 y/o fell slipped on the ice an fell on her arm. No bruising, pt uses her arm to pick up her giant 10 lb purse, pt didn't try using ice before rushing to the ER. Why? Our ER has a zero to 5 min. wait time. But that's a whole 'nother story.

OK we're going to x-ray her hand, wrist, forearm(hey,got that one with the wrist!), humerous, and shoulder. Can we say overkill? All x-rays negative.

Now duplicate that pt times 10 and that's my day/night so far.

One good thing - today they let me have a pt room to stay overnight in. It doesn't have a working TV, so they can't give it to a pt (!). However, there is a screamer on the floor right now so maybe I will be sleeping in the dept. again.

She's been screaming all day. Pts keep asking me what's wrong with the pt in that room. I have no idea, but her lungs are healthy. She doesn't just scream, she likes to spice things up with a lot of Whooooo who who whoooo ahhhh!

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