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Monday, February 11, 2008

JACHO what

In the last few days I've read a lot of posts on other blogs about JACHO.
I know they are a farce and a pain, but let me tell you about working in a non-JACHO facility.

The state, EPA and other government bodies check us out once a year and we always pass with flying colors.
However, they never check things like air return/ventilation.

The air flow in my dept goes like this -
1. Vent outside the hosp., where smokers stand, sucks in air.
2. Air flows down past the cafeteria picking up the scent of fried onions and charcoal burgers
3. Air then passes into Radiology.
4. Air stays in Radiology, becoming muggy and holding the scent of home-less woman's armpit.
5. Same air still in Radiology.
6. Ambulance idles outside ER.
7. Diesel fumes overwhelm cigarette smoke,onions,charcoal and home-less armpit.
8. Radiology dept. workers gag, fall on floor and die.
9. Phone rings 49 times in silent dept.
10. Angry Dr.,looking for x-ray report, finds dead technologists.
11. 2 hours later Dr. remembers rad dept is dead (after calling again for a report) and complains to administration that rad dept is lazy.


ERnursey said...

I believe air quality falls under OSHA, contact them.

X-Ray Geek said...

Are you digital or do you have the lovely smell of fixer to add to the odoriferous fun?

Katalia said...

We still have a processor for Mamms :( maybe we'll get digital mamms in the future. Are you digital?

X-Ray Geek said...

Yup but grew up in the age of wet processing. Heck, I used to mix my own chemistry!(Sad that was less than 10 years ago!) I'm so spoiled with digital!

Katalia said...

I know it's so much easier than film. In school we had digtal, but when I started here they didn't have digital yet-yuck.