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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Peep Peep

I haven't written about my pet chickens in a long time, so...

This post will be all about them.
They arrived in a box at the post office on Aug. 1st, 2007.
I was expecting them to arrive the next day, but the post office called at 10pm and asked me to 'please pick up your peeping package'.
Sadly, one chick, a bantam barred rock, died from shipping injuries.

This is their first picture. From the right-clockwise: Pippa(Sebright Bantam), Honey(Delaware),Zela(Australorp),Butter(Delaware), and Lavender(EE Bantam).

They were very sleepy after hatching, being popped into a box, and traveling through the postal service.

I love how Pippa used to sleep on her head!

They grew up fast! Here they are at one week old.

Pippa's such a fashion model!

Here they are 2 weeks old.
At three weeks they're starting to look a little ratty. Poor pre-teenagers! Just wait it gets much worse. They lose all their baby fuzz and get their first big girl feathers.

At five weeks, Honey is starting to look like a big girl, but there's a long way to go. She's still a little chick!

At six weeks, they enjoy a juicy tomato and hopping up onto my back!

Here they are a seven weeks. The big girls, Honey, Butter and Zela really start to grow, leaving the bantams, Pippa and Lavender, in the dust.
The big girls are standard size chickens.
Bantams are usually miniature versions of standard size chickens. Like if you have a toy or miniature poodle, there's a standard size too.
However, Pippa is an exception to the bantam rule.
Sebrights are true bantams and there isn't any standard size (large) chicken of her breed.
Sebright bantams were bred by Sir John Sebright in the early 1800's.
They are the only chicken breed named after a man.
(You never know - this could be a winning Jeopordy question some day! File this info away.)

Well, this is a long enough post. More some other day.

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Cottage Smallholder said...

Your Golden Sebright is beautiful. I've just read all your chicken posts. Thank you for a great vist!