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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Aspirin Kills

A funny thing just happened in the ER!

A woman came in with chest pain and I was doing an EKG. The pt. was using mask O2, because she was having a hard time breathing with all her chest pain. Anyway, I'm putting the stickers on her chest and the nurse is on the other side of the bed talking to the pt.

The nurse pulls down the mask and says, "OK I'm giving you 2 baby aspirins now."
She pops the aspirin into the pt's mouth.
The pt starts choking and we quickly help her to sit up.
After a good hard cough the pt finally weakly says, "It went down the wrong tube. Are you trying to kill me?"

I thought this was hilarious! But the ER nurse didn't think it was too funny.

Come in for chest pain and we'll choke you!

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