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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Count Down

The XXX hospital called me today to make an interview appointment!

Next Tuesday is the Big Day.

I'm so nervous. I really, really want this job.
It's a much bigger hospital 150 beds vs. 25 beds at my present job.
And I would have a 5 min. commute vs. my 30 to 45 min. commute right now.


Loth said...

Brilliant! I will keep my fingers crossed for you. And remember, you are interviewing them too - make sure to ask the questions you want answered. (From the employer side, I am always more interested in candidates who have questions to ask than the ones who don't seem to want to know anything!)

Pete said...

Hey.. good luck on your interview..


X-Ray Geek said...

Good Luck from the Geek!!!! Don't be nervous! You'll do fine!

X-ray Rocks! said...

Thanks everybody!
Two days more...I'm shining my shoes tonight.