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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm Off

Well, in about 5 minutes I'm off to the big Department Meeting.
It's my day off, but there's no way I'm missing this!
I think the Boss and Others will tell us that they are cutting out mammography services from the dept. So.....my hours will be cut too. Sucks to be me, right?
Why did they hire me?
I left a perfectly good job (where I made more, but I had to drive farther) to take this job only THREE months ago.
Did they know they were going to cut mammos then?
I really don't want to lose my Mamms accreditation, but what can I do?

We will also discuss an inspirational book that the Boss gave everyone to read. I was not inspired. It was a hard cover book - $20 a piece + 75 employees = a ton of money they could spend somewhere else.


Loth said...

Bah, that's rotten. I will keep my fingers crossed that you are wrong and it's actually going to be a meeting to tell you how wonderful you all are and feed you ice cream. If your suspicions are right though, it is just further proof that you have to look after number one - you can't worry too much about loyalty to employers because they sure as hell don't take your feelings into account when it comes down to it. Chin up!

X-ray Rocks! said...

Thanks! The meeting was OK. They didn't say anything about cutting hours, but of course....that doesn't really mean anything. They did tell us that we are the only dept. in the hospital making a profit. So far this year the dept. has reduced costs by $800,000 - and fired 4 people :S