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Monday, September 22, 2008

Diaper Up

Last night at work I put a diaper on a little old lady with explosive diarrhea. Fun. Fun.

When she tried to stand up for the x-ray she grabbed her rear end, "Oh, oh it's coming out again!"
Me - "Ok. Well, I have this diaper-sort-of-thing(that is a diaper). Should we use that?"
Her-"Ok. I guess so."

After the x-ray she went to sit back down, "Oh NO! It's really coming out now! What should I do?!?"
A very pungent stink starts to fill the room.
Me-"Well....hmm....I don't really have anything to clean you up with here....hmm."
She rode back to the ER sitting in her stinky diaper.

I felt bad for her.


Mary said...

Not fun getting old.

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