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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Woo Hoo

I went to Valleyfair last Sat.

So much fun! I love the Scrambler and Monster.
I'm such a chicken with the big rides.
I've tried them all and decided I never want to try them again! For good reason - Wild Thing crash.

Also, ran in a 4 mile race recently. My time was 44:12. Not very fast, but at least I finished. I ran the last 500 feet really, really fast. My mom (who ran it with a back injury) did it in 32:07. She got 4th place in her age group.

For a while, during the race, I was running near a boy and his dad. The dad was trying to encourage his son: "Pace yourself!" "Pick up your feet!" "You wanted to do this, stop whining." "Straight back!" "Keep your head up!" "Stop flopping you feet around, step lightly, easy on your knees."

Ahh, it brought back fond memories of my childhood. I wanted to tell the kid, "It eventually gets better and they leave you alone."

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