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Monday, June 16, 2008

In Control

I think it's strange that 3 months ago I sat sweating, praying, on the edge of my seat, waiting for my interview in a new department AND NOW I'm in control of that department.
I worked my first 4 day week-end by myself. Thurs. to Sun.
I'm not following anyone around anymore.
It was interesting.
Very, very busy.
My very first patient on Thurs. painted the walls, floor and x-ray table with vomit.
It smelled like hamburger.

I had this funny little conversation with a nurse on Sat. night. The ER was packed and I was working on one patient and a nurse brought over another patient. The computer was slower than a 92 year old on ice. I'm trying to work fast and get done with the first patient, so the nurse can go back to the ER with him, but the computer is Too Slow!!
She's breathing down my neck.

Then she starts walking around looking for something and she finally comes back to me and says: Are you here all by yourself?
Me: Yeah.
Nurse: Well, that's strange.
Me: Uh, on a Sat? Evening? I think there's usually just one person.
Nurse: Yeah, but don't you need a license or something to run the machines?
Me: Uhhhh.......I've been a tech. for 5 years.
Nurse:...............oh, never mind.

Should I be insulted?


Gaile said...

maybe the nurse was just grumpy and impatient? did you have to clean all that up yourself or do they have someone come in to do that? you'd think ppl could at least TRY to make it into some sort of receptacle.

lady H said...

I'm surprised that she even knew that us dumb "button pushers" had to have a license.
Wow, nurses...don't get me wrong, but they sure know how to put an RT down.