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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wiped Out

Thursday (today) we did 18 fluoro/interventional pts. I was doing or assisting in almost every case. PLUS I did 3 In pts, 2 girls from a MVA and 4 other ER pts. All 7 of the ER pts were on backboards, so everything was cross table. Knees, c-spine, l-spine, ect. Ugg.
And 2 of the in pts were kids. So sad....little cancer kids with bald heads.

I'm having a hard time letting the students do stuff. It's really tough. Either I end up jumping in and doing everything or I let the student do it, but I forget that I'm supposed to stand there and watch them. I end up walking away to do some paperwork or answer the phone. Then I run back when I remember that they're "just" students. Aaaaaaaaa!

Some of the techs are really rude to the students. Even though they're students they're still HUMANS! Do unto others as you would like done to you.
It's embarrassing to watch them belittle the students. It just makes them look incompetent.

Well, I've collected a couple really juicy, grusome stories during this last week........... but I'm waiting for people/media to forget about them. No HIPPA lawsuit for me thanks very much!

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X-Ray Geek said...

The trick that I found is to just take a second before jumping in and figure out how to present it to the student as a learning opportunity. I've just wanted to strangle some students and I would jump in and take over but I'd talk them through step for step what I was doing and explaining why.

Students are an interesting monkey. I sure as hell don't know how the techs put up with me as a student!