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Thursday, May 8, 2008

X-ray Vision

This is very strange.

"All Things Considered, May 3, 2008 · This past week, the Transportation Security Administration introduced new security measures at Baltimore-Washington International Airport, including a controversial "whole-body scanner." The scanner provides guards with an image that strips away a traveler's clothing, revealing everything that person is carrying — and their naked bodies. TSA spokesperson Christopher White shows Andrea Seabrook how it works."

"Wired-Nice Bombs Ya Got There
A scanner the government is testing for airport screening reveals much more than meets the eye to be comfortable for most passengers.

Susan Hallowell, director of the Transportation Security Administration's security laboratory, sacrificed a large measure of her own modesty Wednesday to demonstrate the problem.........read the rest here"

More examples from the walk through x-ray airport scanners.

The machine:

I already get enough radiation at work, I don't need more when I go on vacation!

As for the "back scatter radiation" that they use- what do people think radiation is? Calling it backscatter radiation makes it safer? I should try that with pts : "Today we're using sweet rainbow foofy x-rays!" All radiation produces scatter and I don't really want my thyroid caught in a small box with a handful of "back scatter radiation".

Ok, ok I'm sure it's harmless. But I have questions....What about pregnant women? Will TSA preform preg. tests on travelers who don't know their LMP?

Which preg. woman will sign up first, to sue TSA for malpractice, because of birth defects in her baby, that she attributes to a walk through x-ray screening she had on her way to Hawaii when she didn't know she was pregnant?

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Christian Kay said...

That's really scary and you bring up some really good points! Now we must work on a "beach figure" as well as an "airport figure" :)Give me a break! As if I don't have enough pressure to be thin as it is.