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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Run Run

Today I ran and ran and ran. The End.

Juuuuuust kidding!

I was in fluoroscopsy/interventional today. Following around 3 different techs. Work started at 7:30am with 12 patients. Apparently this is a slow day. At the old job we did at the most 1 (yes, ONE)fluoro case a WEEK. And, as I usually worked evening shifts on the fluoro days, I haven't done a BE, UGI, VCUG, ect. for a loooong time.

Not that I missed it much.
People can keep their anuses and various bits to themselves, thanks much.
But it's part of the job.
And I wanted this job, at this big fancy hospital, so much.
The Rad was so nice. He talked to the patients! He explained the procedures! He was a normal person!
By 8:30am, when the pts start to arrive, there are 3 more add ons. By the end of the day there will be 2 more. Total pt exams =17
I assisted with 1 thoracentesis, 1 paracentesis, 1 abd mass biopsy, 3 UGIs (one on an 8y/o), 1 VCUG(where I was peed on) and 2 ERCPs.

I also watched a student x-ray a partial amputated thumb. She was hoping to test out on it, but couldn't remember how to do the oblique so I couldn't sign off on it for her.
I also did a lot of other minor things-like running around and getting things, finding people, transporting equipment, and running and running.
We didn't stop for lunch until 10 min. to 1pm.
Our next pt was at 1pm, so we had 10 min. to eat.

While we gobbled food, The Manager came up and asked in a passive/agressive manner if JCAHO allows us to eat in our dept. I'm guessing.....NO. Whatever, I'm the new employee, just following the others lead!

I have tomorrow off!!


Gaile said...

holy moly that's a busy day! cool that you got to assist in those procedures though! And sorry to hear that management is the same everywhere. ugh.

Mary said...

Ahh passive/agressive. so much fun. That seems to be a common managerial style these days...

The place I work at is much slower. A "busy" day would be 3-4 fluoro exams plus 3-4 surgeries scheduled.

Glad you found me, I'm adding ya to my list of reading