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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Suck

I hate, hate, hate my new job!

After yesterday, where I did a post-op knee in recovery ALONE (even though I didn't know where the recovery room was or what their protocol was!! I like to jump in and try not to drown) and a port-a-cath placement in surgery ALONE(with 2 students, but that totally counts as alone). -longest sentence ever!

Anyway after yesterday, I thought I was pretty hot stuff! Rockin' the new job no sweat.
I hit a wall today. Crawling over this wall, called Mammograms, took all day!

I used to be really, really good at Mammos. No pain, pts would thank me and request me to do their Mamm the next year. All that is over....

The machine at the new job is really, really old. More than 13 years. I'm used to a new machine that does everything for you except comfort the pt. This ugly, stupid piece of junk that I will have to use every single week, is a real wham, bam, thank you ma'am piece of crap. I like to do the compression slowly - it's not so painful that way.
Sucky machine has 2 speeds - off and super fast.

I was apologizing to pts all day long!
A mammo is NOT suppose to be painful.
At times I almost wanted to give them the number of my old job, just because they have a better machine and I felt so bad for the pts getting squished.

This is how my day went: I love this job....oh, mammos no problem....holy crap what is this thing!?! that's your mammo machine?!?! No Way! No way!..... Ok well, that didn't look too bad let me try one....ok I suck....no I really suck....I hate this job.....I really hate this job....now I want to kill myself....will this day never end?....oh, that wasn't too bad....wow! maybe I've beaten this!....No, I suck....stupid machine...Wow! good mammos! finally!....Sorry lady, I'll wrap your breasts up and you can tuck them under your arm.....She needs new boobs, but I got good mammos....Ha, Ha!....I'm outta here!

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Gaile said...

ugh, it's always like this in a new job isn't it - whether it's computer systems, like where i'm currently stuck, or a new hospital. But just hang in there. It does totally suck that you couldn't avoid hurting your patients, but you don't suck.