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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Paul Douglas

WCCO fired Paul Douglas!

He was the only reason I watched their stupid channel!

You could trust his forecasts. If he said it would snow 10 inches. Then it would snow 10 inches!

Well, now I can watch something else at 10 and not sit through boring news chat waiting for the weather report. Maybe I'll watch Scrubs instead.

I couldn't find a video of his forecasts, but.....

He's also in one of my favorite songs by Unknown Prophets- Summer Heat

Sorry -very bad video quality.


Loth said...

I have no idea who Paul Douglas is, but am sorry for your loss. Having said that, I would watch Scrubs in preference to just about anything anyway!

Ekrem said...

ah, man, for sure. props to paul, an amiable and reliable 'cco weatherguy... he'll be missed. excellent blog, by the way.. i found you tonight.

--cheers, from an EC, Wisc. student radiographer.