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Monday, April 21, 2008

Oriann Tation

I had orientation today for my new job. From 8am to 4pm. Now I'm at work(old job) until 11pm.
Man, I'd forgotten about how boring and repetitive all that orientation junk is!
The exciting highlights of the day:

  • To find the elevators look for a picture of red poppies.
  • If you don't find said poppy picture you will be lost forever!
  • If you want police and security to come running dial 666 for assistance.
  • Sugarcane skewered shrimp with couscous for lunch (fancy pantsy!)
  • Prescription vending machine by the ER .

I know I will get lost all the time for the first 6 months. New job(NJ) hospital is soooo big. Everything is brand new and every hallway looks exactly the same. It's scary and super shiny at the same time. At old job(OJ) I know everyone by their first name. There are over 1,000 employees at NJ! Yikes!

I'm scared, but........I can't wait to start!

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