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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Throat Ca-chunk

Ok - try this: Take a drink of water. Do you hear a noise in your head when you swallow? No? Try it again. Bend your neck to the right, to the left, down, across. Yes? You can hear a noise?
THAT'S NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!
I did a video swallow (dumbest exam ever, next to VCUGs) today on a 30-something woman with the history of: chunking noise in head when swallows.
Yes. Really.
What did the Rad. tell her?
He said, "Huh, yeah I have that too. You're not crazy, there really is a noise. It's the cartilage in your neck. (Thank you for your money, have a good day.)"
She also had foot weakness, post-nasal drainage and sinus pressure. Really? A video swallow? Why?
Well, I like my job (and money) so come on crazy faker patients. Can't you think up any other imaginary symptoms?
~On a side note: I randomly picked up the optical space age thermometer today and took my temp. It was 100.1F
And I felt fine.........but I had a fever, so I had a perfectly good reason to go to the ER.
I took it a couple more times and it was 100.0 and 99.8
Oh, well I had better things to do than sit in the ER waiting room for 3 hours.~

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