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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tripped Up

I had a really awful day today. It was a fluoro day, my first in over a month, and it really sucked. We didn't have a ton of patients, but I kept making mistakes, embarrassing myself and saying things I shouldn't say out loud.
I did one gigantically stupid thing (erase part of a pt's digitally archived exam) and tried to make up for it the whole day. Everyone was really nice to me and supportive, which makes me think that they are probably ripping me down behind my back (that is what they usually do).
And to finish off the day, on my way out, I tripped over a box in the hallway and looked like a retard.
Bad. Day.


Loth said...

Crappy days are sent to remind us how bad it could be. They pass. Except for the box tripping. I do that every day. Hope you're feeling perkier soon.

Gaile said...

ugh! Must be something in the air - I dropped the plate to the digital portable today, right off a patient's bed onto the floor. Niiiiiiice way to show them I'm a capable student - nearly breaking a 40K piece of equipment. Thank god it was fine. Hope your weekend is good and you have a better week next week!

X-ray Rocks! said...