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Monday, October 20, 2008

El Bow

Saturday was a dislocated elbow night. Two in one night - how often does that happen?

This pt was very, very drunk. They gave her 8 of morphine and she was still writhing around on the cart. She also threatened to murder me if I touched her elbow and it hurt her. I couldn't really do a lateral (or an AP or anything that looked right), but I tried and she didn't kill me, so fairly successful.
This next pt dislocated and fractured his radius. He also wanted to kill me. The student I was working with said he looked like he was going to punch me when I was positioning his arm. Hey- if you come to the ER, you're in a lot of pain and you want x-rays done, it might hurt. Boo hoo. Would you rather not know what is wrong with you?
He wouldn't let me move his arm for the AP, so the x-ray below was done with tube/film angle magic. I was pretty close to AP all things considered.
Then I spent an hour in surgery workin' the C-arm.
And ta da- post op films. Looks a lot better, right? (ignore the yellow arrow-it's not pointing at anything)

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X-ray Rocks! said...

Update: the surgeon has taken this guy back in for surgery TWICE in this last week to fix some things that he missed or messed up or something......and he doesn't want to use the C-arm or have any x-rays taken post surg.