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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chickens Dickens

Warning! This post is about chickens! No x-ray stuff AT ALL!! Just Chickens!!!

It rained today and I got some cute pics of the ladies playing outside in the rain/mud. They are officially HENS now. Their hatchday was Aug. 1st 2007. They're not my little pullets anymore (tear), but old lady hens. Imagine being considered old, over the hill, cull-able after only one year of life.

Zela busy hunting worms.

Scratch,scratch, scratch. Peck, peck.

Butter got a little wild in the mud. Your mascara's running sweetie!

"Hmmm, are these good to eat?"

"Yes, mumph, gulp, mmm, tasty!"

Pippa poses for a picture.

"Ahhhh, paparazzi!! Run!"

"No more photos!"

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Gaile said...

heee! I love them - especially pretty Pippa!