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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back Again

I was at Old Job today. They needed help, because someone was on vacation. It was great to see everyone again. I'd forgotten how friendly everyone is at Old Hosp. Not like at New Hosp. were they are rude. They = EVERYONE!
I did mamms and it felt like I wasn't even working, that's how easy it is to use their machine. Instead of struggling to get passable images, I could walk into the room and walk out 15 mins later, with perfect images. I didn't even break a sweat.
But there are things I like about New Job too
I just can't think of any right now.
Ironically, one of my students, that just graduated, was hired as my replacement at Old Job. Interesting.
There really is a definite attitude difference between the 2 hospitals.
Perhaps, it's a difference of big vs. small.
Mean vs. nice.

This is a pic of the ancient beast that (wants to) whip my butt once a week. As you can see Wilma Flintstone had her first mammo done on this very machine.

This is sort of what the Old Job's mammo machine looks like. I couldn't find a very good pic. Surprisingly, usually GE has their advertising stuff all over. Any way it is a very gorgeous GE Diamond.

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